Key Lime Pie Cake


I made this cake for a birthday party. Sadly, the party ended up getting cancelled, but I wanted to finish it anyway.

I think this cake may overtake my Dobos Torte for prettiest cake I’ve made so far…

It’s a white sour-cream based cake with a little key lime juice and zest, from bakerella. I added a little vanilla and used cake flour. It was a nice cake, with just a hint of lime, and very easy to throw together.

I filled the cake with lime curd from Craving Chronicles, though I should have just made a half recipe. The filling was great, and pretty easy to make since I used bottled key lime juice! I used the lime Swiss meringue buttercream from the same site. It had a fantastic flavor, and was easy to work with. I wasn’t happy with how it set up ultimately though, but that might just be my bias against most buttercreams in general. It seemed to get a little thicker than I wanted, but perhaps just using a thinner frosting layer and making sure that the cake is room temperature when serving would solve that problem…

I covered the edges of the frosted cake in some graham cracker crumbs to mimic a key lime pie crust, and then piped whipped cream on the top and added a bit of fresh fruit to finish the decoration.

I’m so sad to report that, although I loved all the elements of this cake individually, I wasn’t really a fan of the total package. Maybe I was just let down because it didn’t taste quite as amazing as it looked. I think if I make this again I wouldn’t torte the cakes– the filling to cake ratio was a little high for my liking and the cakes baked a little thinner than I had expected. I’d also probably just go with a tinted whipped cream frosting or Italian meringue to avoid the buttercream issues. It’s not that there was anything wrong with any part of the cake, it just wasn’t my favorite. But it sure was pretty!



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