Grapefruit Poppyseed Cake


I made this cake in May but I don’t think it’s too soon to say this may be my favorite cake of the summer.

I served it at our house-warming party to rave reviews, and happily snacked on leftover pieces for the rest of the week.


It’s an olive oil poppyseed cake with a hint of grapefruit and almond, filled with a grapefruit and clove curd, a tart and zesty grapefruit buttercream, and then frosted with a chamomile vanilla Italian meringue. It’s perfection.


I used the grapefruit curd recipe from Joy the Baker. The cake came from The Cake Blog and I did make it in the original three six-inch pans, which was very dramatic. I added a quarter teaspoon of almond extract as well. I made a half recipe of the grapefruit buttercream here (and, let me tell you, it is so amazingly flavorful!), and used the Earl Grey meringue frosting from here. I used chamomile tea instead of Earl Grey and added a bit of vanilla too. I made a whole batch, but I think you could safely cut it in half.


Then I colored my meringue three colors and frosted the cake. I also added some clear sanding sugar on top for a bit of sparkle at the outdoor party. (Plus I was thinking about how many people put sugar on grapefruit when they eat them.)

I will absolutely make this cake again with zero changes– that may be the first time I’ve said that on this blog!



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