Six-Layer Neapolitan Cake


I made this cake for an end-of-year picnic hosted by my program. I was told there would be a prize for the best dessert, but they totally lied. So that made me kind of mad, but, let’s be honest, I totally would have made this cake anyway! Plus even my partner loved this cake, and so did everybody else I heard talking about it. So that’s a big enough win for me!


This cake is definitely a project, with three different cake recipes and three different frostings. I somehow managed it all in one (very long) night. To be fair, it wouldn’t have taken quite as long if I hadn’t had to remake a chocolate layer because I forgot to grease the pan and a strawberry layer because I wasn’t happy with the initial texture.


Essentially you bake one layer of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cakes, then cut them in half and layer them in any order you want, spreading strawberry jam in between each layer. . Then I made chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla buttercreams and frosted layers around the outside. The strawberry was a little runny, which was a problem I hadn’t had with that recipe before– maybe I added too much puree/not enough powdered sugar… Still, they were all delicious!


Ok, now the recipes:

Vanilla cake layer: Half recipe of this Snow White Vanilla Birthday Cake. (I found it to be just a little dry for my taste, though the jam filling helped!)

Strawberry cake layer:Half recipe of this  Strawberry Cake. (I thought it could still use a little more strawberry flavor if you were going to make it without spreading jam on it.)

Chocolate cake layer: Half recipe of this Rich Dark Chocolate Cake. (This cake is amazing! I used half dutch and half black cocoa powder.)

Vanilla buttercream: I originally made only a half batch and was seriously running out by the end. That (plus the runny strawberry buttercream) is why my frosting job is lacking. Overall I’d say double whichever frosting you want to also frost the top of the cake with. Recipe here.

Chocolate buttercream: A quarter batch of this dark chocolate buttercream.

Strawberry buttercream: Half recipe of real strawberry frosting.


I’d suggest making the strawberry puree early on (recipe in the strawberry frosting recipe), so it has time to cool before you use it in your strawberry cake and then frosting. I’d suggest making a whole batch of the puree even though you’re only making half of the frosting. That way you can add however much you need to both the cake and the frosting. You will also need a nice big jar of strawberry jam. I actually had to use a whole jar of Smucker’s naturals, plus a smaller jar of another brand I happened to have in the fridge. Do yourself a favor and just buy two jars (or a really big one) the first time around!

Despite some of the trouble I had with pieces of this cake, I would absolutely make it again. It’s a showstopping dessert and could easily win any fictional or real prizes!



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