Povitica (Or Walnut Sugar Swirl Bread)


As soon as I saw this recipe on the Great British Baking Show I knew I just had to make it. I bumped the cupcakes that had been on my calendar and moved this to the front of the queue.

How could I not be enchanted by the idea of a meter-long rope of dough swirled with sugar and spice and everything nice that reveals a work of art when sliced?

The actual dough process wasn’t too tricky, just a little time consuming. I wasn’t able to smoothly spread the filling across the dough, and the dough did tear a little while I was trying to stretch it, but none of that made any difference that I could tell in the final product.


I used what I assume is the same recipe from the show (plus a few helpful hints and tips), found here. The measurements are in weights, but you can pretty easily convert them with a few online searches if you don’t have a kitchen scale.

I did add a few things to the filling. I used 1 cup of brown sugar instead of white sugar, added 1 T each of rum and of cinnamon, and the zest of an orange. I was SO SO happy with the flavor and would absolutely keep that the same next time.


I did have some trouble with the bread not baking all the way through in the middle. If you have a thermometer I’d suggest trying to get it to 200 degrees before you take it out. I baked mine for the full hour and then embarrassingly had to try and bake it an extra 45 minutes after it had cooled and I realized it was pretty doughy in the middle. (It wasn’t raw by any means, but the extra time in the oven undeniably improved it.) It will still be gooey like the center of a cinnamon roll in the middle in all the best ways, but the outer layer will have a nice flaky crisp. Several people asked me if I’d used puff pastry!


The other warning I should give you is that it is entirely too easy to break off piece after piece of this bread and continuously shove it in your mouth! I made this as stress relief after a meeting during the week and it was a great pick me up with plenty extra to go around.

If you’re looking for a nice medium-length baking project with delicious and stunning results, I definitely recommend this! (Just make sure you bake it a little longer.)



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