Top Ten Treats

I was looking back through all my recipes recently and thought that, with over 60 posted on the blog, it might be time to do a Top Ten list of some of my favorites. That way those of you who have started to follow me recently can get a better sense of what I’m most proud of. I tend to post almost every recipe I make, but there are select recipes that have a special place in my heart and in my kitchen. So, let’s make this a countdown…

IMAG1128 (1)

10. Rainbow Heart Cookies for Vermont Pride! These cookies were super fun to make, and tasted soft and sweet. They were a great change to practice decorating and to celebrate!


9. Homemade Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Better than the “real” deal. Not quite as crunchy, but the vanilla bean buttercream is to die for, and they twist just like the real thing. A sure crowd-pleaser!

pb cake 2

8. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake. Perfect for all the chocolate peanut butter lovers! Four layers of moist peanut butter cake with peanut butter cookie dough filling, homemade chocolate cookie crumble, honey toasted rice cereal, and a dark chocolate ganache. This recipe will forever be on repeat in my house.


7. Olive Oil Citrus Cupcakes. You can’t tell from the picture, but these soft and fragrant cakes are filled with homemade lemon curd– a blast of flavor in every delicious bite! Combine that with the orange zest whipped cream frosting, and you’ll know I never should have made such a small batch.

Raspberry Rolls

6. Raspberry Almond Sweet Rolls. One of the first recipes I developed for the blog, but absolutely a keeper. Soft sweet dough around fresh almond cream and homemade raspberry jam with a perfectly sticky almond icing drizzled generously on top. They taste so much better than this old picture makes them look!

Aviary Photo_131040294802738443

5. Cookies and Cream Macarons and Lemon Macarons. My first time making macarons was a fun weekend project, and I was really happy with how these two flavors turned out. A chocolate macaron cookie with cookies and cream filling tasted like ice cream, and a lemon cookie with lemon vanilla butttercream and lemon curd was a perfectly sweet-tart combination.


4. Strawberries and Cream Double Decker Poke Cake. Because cake is more fun with more layers. Even without cake flour this cake baked up soft and stayed moist yet sturdy with the addition of a fresh strawberry puree and vanilla whipped cream. Decorated with both vanilla and strawberry whipped creams, this is like the best celebratory version of strawberry shortcake you never knew you could have.


3. The Ulti-Malt Malt Cake. Sweet malted cake, strawberry jam, homemade white chocoalte covered malted shortbread crumble, and a malted milk frosting with chocolate ganache drizzle. This cake takes top honors for a party cake. Looks simple and stunning but has an amazing combination of flavors that makes everybody know it’s something truly special. Plus, that white chocolate malted crunch is the best cake filling ever. No seriously. Probably my favorite eat-it-just-because cake!

Aviary Photo_130987253213955419Aviary Photo_130987249041732621

2. Lemon London Fog Cake. Lemon cake with lemon simple syrup drizzle, London fog shortbread crumble, vanilla bean buttercream around lemon curd in the middle, and an Earl Grey meringue frosting. Such a classy cake with the perfect combination of sweet meringue and tart lemon, plus a background of sophisticated tea flavor. Also, I’m in love with the spreadability (technical term) of the meringue!

IMAG1813IMAG18231. Milk and Cookies Overload Cake. This cake takes the number one spot because of its sheer size and the huge (and hugely fun!) project it was to bake it. Five cake-inspired layers (sugar cookie, cinnamon oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and Oreo), each with an associated cake mix-in, cookie dough frosting and homemade cookie crumble fillings, plus a cookies and cream whipped cream frosting and mini homemade (except for the Oreos) cookies on top. Truly a decadent special occasion cake!

So, there you have it. I’d say close runners-up were my Salted Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies and my Homemade Croissants. The cookies because they are truly my favorite quick-to-bake treat (and the best peanut butter cookies you will ever have!), and the croissants because they were such a fun challenge.

Looking forward to seeing what I bake in the next year and whether new recipes will dethrone some of these favorites!


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