Raspberry Lemon Bakewell Tart


The Great British Baking Show.

Do you watch it? I. Am. Obsessed.

Beautiful baked goods, British accents, contestants who actually seem to like each other? It’s the best kind of reality TV.

I’ll admit that I watch a lot of reality food television, but I always feel like it’d be too competitive for me, or that I couldn’t do it because I like to bake but don’t do a lot of cooking (and I certainly don’t cook meat). But, with this show, the bakers get to practice two of the three recipes for each week, and then are given a recipe to follow for the “technical” challenge.

For the first few episodes on Netflix I followed along and knew what I would bake, and even felt pretty confident that I could handle the unknown challenges. The bakes become more complicated as the episodes go on, but I’ve loved seeing them make some cakes that are on my calendar for the coming months, like Dobos torte and Schichtorte. It’s also (of course) given me so many other things that I now want to bake!


Anyway, all of that to say that Bakewell Tart isn’t even on this season of the show. BUT, it is British, so there’s that?

This was a super fun project for a Friday evening. I got to make a nice short pastry crust (grated butter from the freezer for the win!), plus use up most of my leftover lemon curd I’d had hiding in the freezer. Plus, um frangipane– moist delicious almond cake. Lemon, raspberry, and almond! Three of my favorite flavors baked into one simple tart that makes a great dessert but isn’t too sweet which makes it completely acceptable for breakfast too.


I followed this recipe without changes for once. I added about half a cup of raspberry jam and a third of a cup of lemon curd. Next time I’d probably add extra jam.

Although this isn’t as decadent as many of my desserts, this has been growing on me all weekend. I find myself sneaking another sliver when I walk through the kitchen. If you’re looking for something a little different and also tasty, give this one a try!




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Baker. Grad student. Hiker. Crossword puzzler. Trivia junkie.
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