Homemade Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


I have seriously wanted to make faux Oreos (dare I say “fauxreos”? Yes, I dare) for several years. They are such a classic childhood treat, and still just about the only mass produced sweet I will buy for myself. That is, until I discovered how amazing (and relatively easy) the homemade version is. Everybody in the office who tried one said they were “Amazing!,” “Way better than real Oreos!”, and “The best cookies ever!”


The cookie doesn’t get crispy like a traditional Oreo (though I think the New York Times has a recipe for peppermint patty cookies that has a crispy chocolate wafer cookie, so you could always use that if that component of the texture is important to you). I actually preferred the softer bite, especially as the cookies were thicker than expected.

Now, if I wanted to use Oreos in baking, I think I’d still go with the good old fashioned packaged variety, for price and ease. Plus I’m not sure how well the buttercream would hold up to baking. But for pure snacking fun, these are a great nostalgic treat! Even better dipped in a glass of milk 🙂


I used the recipe here, and for once hardly made any changes. I did use two tablespoons less butter, and I did add a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste to the filling. Other than that, I think the recipe is great as is. Don’t be afraid to run out of filling, I skimped on the first handful of cookies and had to go back and fill them again.


These would be great for a party or a bake sale, and they hold up well at room temperature for a day or two. You can also put them in the fridge if you’re saving them, but I highly recommend letting them come to room temperature before you eat them. That way you get more of the chocolate flavor coming through, and the frosting will actually let you twist the cookies just like the real thing!


These were a perfect complement to a hectic day yesterday. I attended my first ever defense (and actually asked a question, even if I think I mangled it a little!), had a TA meeting, a coffee date, and gave a presentation in my night class. Giving away these little cookies and seeing everybody’s reactions kept me cheerful. Hopefully they will do the same for you!



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