Homemade Croissants


  1. Yes, I am crazy.
  2. And yes, I would make these again. (Kind of looking for a reason to, actually)
  3. See item #1.

Good, so now that that’s out of the way…


These were definitely a project. I spent probably four hours with them on Saturday, chilled them overnight, and spent another two on Sunday morning. But, it was a food project in that lovely way that requires your attention and action, but has good breaks in the middle for relaxing (or, you know, grading student reflection papers).


I followed the recipe and step-by-step pictures here, but I also found this video and its attendant instructions helpful, especially when it came to making the “turns.”


I’m still not sure I followed them as well as I could have– I had some big chunks of butter in parts of the dough that never really got incorporated the way I think they were supposed to. Next time I’d just keep folding those edges into the center if that happened again. I also tried to take a shortcut and just cut my butter into a rectangle the right size instead of shaping it as one big piece. I think next time I’d make the effort to make sure it was more seamless since that might keep it together and help it incorporate more smoothly.


But, of course the true test is the taste. And on that front these COMPLETELY deliver. Right out of the oven they are beyond compare. Outside of Paris I have probably never had a better croissant. They were buttery and flaky, tender on the inside with a nice crackly shell on parts of the outside. These would be a seriously impressive addition to any dinner or other gathering.


Now, they are definitely best the first day. I’m still working on a few of mine, and they are still amazing and better than many bakeries, but nothing compares to that fresh-from-the-oven taste!


I also chose to fill a few of mine. I did brown sugar cinnamon, almond paste, strawberry jam, almond paste and jam, and chocolate. I think the almond/strawberry jam combo was my favorite, but it was harder to get the filled ones to roll up and stay closed as nicely.


In non-food news, this semester is getting pretty tricky, and I think I am getting sick. Luckily I had the chance to sleep in this morning and I am working from home today. I’m hoping that will help. Oh, I’m also moderately freaking out about having a place to live come May. Dropping out and either going back to teaching and/or selling my baked goods sure does sound appealing some days!



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