Deep Dark Chocolate Flourless Torte


Some days you just need chocolate.

With all my meetings on Tuesday I knew I needed a baking motivation to get through the day. I found the perfect “little” recipe here. It makes an adorable little 4in torte that is perfect for you and a couple of friends if you want to share (or for you over a couple of days if you want to horde it for yourself– and I couldn’t blame you)!

The recipe is “quick” in the sense that you pretty much just melt everything together and pour it in a pan, easy peasy. Super dark chocolate (I went with my favorite 80% Panama bar and an 85% Green and Black bar, but you could go 60% if you weren’t quite so up for the dark side…), butter, eggs, sugar, and water (although I used homemade vanilla rum instead of water and I loved the complexity it added*). Just make sure that you love whatever chocolate you choose, because the flavor is so dependent on the chocolate itself.

[*The batter did seem to separate a little when I poured it into the pan. Not sure if my substitution had anything to do with it. However, it baked up beautifully!]

The recipe is not so “quick” in that it bakes for about 40 minutes and then you are supposed to chill it for four hours. I got too impatient and cut into mine after three hours in the fridge.


It is everything you want in this kind of treat. Dark, fudgy, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth perfection. I did manage to share just a tiny piece, but I am so happy that half of it is still in my fridge to get me through the mountains of work I have to do this weekend.

This would be a perfect Valentines treat if you have a date who loves chocolate, and I’m sure you could elevate it further with some berries and even whipped cream if you were going for a fancy presentation. (Me, I’ll be baking a fancy vanilla almond cake with strawberry frosting in honor of my sweetheart who, sadly, will not be here. But at least I’ll enjoy the cake for both of us!)

For now, I’ve got a cat curled up beside me, I polished off some homemade pizza with shallots and pesto, and I might go crazy and make a vanilla malt milkshake while I watch Top Chef online. (It’s been a long week!)

Happy weekend, all!




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