Fudgy Almond Vanilla Cake


So maybe “fudgy” is a funny word to use with vanilla, but these are dense and moist and seem more like a brownie or Dutch butter cake than a simple bakery cake.

The cake itself is a play on a “Texas sheet cake,” (recipe here) which I had never made before. It was really easy, but interesting in that you mix and warm it in a pot on the stove before pouring into a ban to bake in the oven.

I made only half the recipe and baked it in a half jelly roll pan. It made about 30 small squares of cake, just enough to bring to my Thursday evening class for the week. I was afraid a full recipe would yield way too many, but I think if you have more than 20 people to feed that bigger squares would have been nicer.

The cake itself is flavored with a little almond extract, and high (but balanced) level of sweetness. It is a perfect snacking cake, and it would work very well in layers. (Maybe next time I’ll use a full recipe and bake it in two square pans and stack it with a filling.)

I topped it with a simple vanilla bean whipped cream with very little powdered sugar. The barely-sweet frosting was a great foil to the cake itself. The cake is not particularly flashy, but it’s a good stable, dependable best-fried sort of cake. If you just really want some cake, this girl will deliver!  When I ate my portions at home I served it with raspberries, and I would absolutely do it that way in the future, or maybe even swirl some jam into the cake before it goes in the oven?


This was a great midweek pick-me-up that I whipped up after an evening class on Wednesday. Classes are still good so far, though I think both of my professors are struggling to maintain a good level of (non-dominated) discussion. It’s a tricky line to walk, as I’m discovering in my TA discussion sections… encouraging comments from everyone and trying to acknowledge the fast processors while still trying to validate the quieter students and make sure they get their chance too. Teaching chemistry was great for classroom management and engagement ideas, but we didn’t have many wide-ranging discussions. #growingpains.

I have a lot of meetings coming up next week with my adviser, another professor I’ll be doing some grading for, and I’m supposed to check back in with my geography professor. Ugh, introvert problems. (I know it’s good for me though.)

I am SO SO glad it’s finally Friday. I bought some potato chips at the store on the way home and have a date with a vanilla malt milkshake later. (Sometimes a girl just needs salty snacks and ice cream, ok?) Netflix will probably happen, and my cat is already curled up on my lap as I type this. I don’t care if all that sounds boring to anybody else, I’m enjoying myself!

Happy Friday, all! Now go bake this cake!


About Amanda Bakes Cakes

Baker. Grad student. Hiker. Crossword puzzler. Trivia junkie.
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