Multigrain English Muffins


In the wake of the holidays you might think that I’d be winding down the sweet stuff for a while. (You’d be wrong. I’m baking blondies tonight and have cake plans this weekend. But THIS happens to be a nice healthy recipe.)

Until last year, I had never even thought about making English muffins from scratch. I bought them at the store and enjoyed them with peanut butter, maybe adding banana and cinnamon if I was feeling fancy.

But They. Are. So. Easy. Even if you’re intimidated by yeast, you should try these. They rest a few times in a bowl and then, after you roll and cut them out, just go through one rise. Then you cook them in a skillet on the stovetop until both sides get that nice brown color.

They are chock full of grains and wheat flour and really fill you up with good energy for the day. My favorite ways to eat them are with salted maple butter (shoutout to Vermont Creamery!) or with smashed avocado with lemon pepper, garlic, lime juice, and cheddar. But they are also great with jam, honey, peanut butter, and I’ve been using them as buns for my BBQ carrot and tempeh sandwiches.

They have been my go-to breakfast during this second week of classes. I finally feel like I’m getting into the rhythm. I could use a few more meetings (and professors who felt like emailing me back, *ahem*), but classes are much more interesting than last semester. I’m in the office less which has cut down on distractions and made me both more productive and I think healthier socially. Now if I could just get the where-are-we-gonna-live-next-year thing figured out I’d be great!

Anyway, back to these English muffins. The recipe can be found at The Woks of Life here. I did find the Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain cereal and used that. The only change I made was to switch out 1 cup of white flour for wheat flour. (No, I wasn’t trying to make it healthier, I ran out of flour…), and it worked well. I’d think you could easily do half and half.

Cooking them on the stove is fun and they are amazing right out of the pan. Toasted is good too, but right out of the pan is by far my preferred way to enjoy them!

Ok, that’s enough from me. Make them this weekend for a luxurious and healthy addition to your brunch, or as bread for the week’s sandwiches!


*Ok, in the time it took me to write this, I got an email back and set up a meeting. So yay!


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