Apple Cider and Spice Sugar Cookies with Caramel Frosting

IMAG1574 (1).jpg

So these turned out looking more like cupcakes, but trust me– they are cookies.

See, the recipe called for using a cookie mold, and I was having none of that. Muffin tin! I thought. And it definitely worked. It just… make some pretty thick cookies.

That said, they are a relatively dense cookie so having a nice thick bite was actually nice. They are sweetened with some reduced apple cider, giving the cookies just a hint of apple. I’d have preferred a more pronounced apple flavor, but perhaps that would have required replacing the egg with applesauce or something.

The frosting is a brown sugar caramel with fall spices added in as well. It’s quite tasty but it is not a soft icing. The dense cookie and the hardening icing makes these cookies very easy to transport.

They were a fun little kitchen experiment. However, I’d have to warn you/my future self that they are not as flavorful as they could be. Also, the frosting recipe as written was a disaster for me. It turned oily and clumpy and looked terrible, plus it refused to spread nicely. I had to return it to my stand mixer and add somewhere between one half and one cup of additional powdered sugar and probably one quarter cup of milk. I just eyeballed it, kept mixing until it looked ok. After all that trouble it turned out nicely, but there are easier brown sugar frostings. (Like the one I used on my banana blondies a few months ago.) I also added some cinnamon, cloves, giner, and nutmeg to the brown sugar for the frosting– just go with however much suits you. I can’t really tell you what I used because I just had some spiced sugar left over from those fall spice donut holes.

So, anyway, for documentation sake, here is the recipe. It’s quite tasty and pretty unique in terms of fall desserts. Just be aware that they will be thick cookies and that you may want to try a different frosting recipe or make the alterations like I did.



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