(Grain-Free) Birthday Cake Muffins


I didn’t choose this recipe because it was grain free.

I just wanted some birthday cake muffins. As one does, from time to time. You know how it goes.

In truth, I’ve had this recipe saved for a long time, just waiting for the right time to deploy it. I figured with my birthday tomorrow that this morning might be the right time.

I’m writing a truly awful paper. Like seriously. You know how you sometimes have to write an entirely horrible draft before you can really begin to make it worth anything? I’m in the awful draft part. Hardcore.

So I thought I’d take a break this morning and whip up something cheerful. I followed the recipe from Culinary Couture: http://www.culinarycoutureblog.com/2014/07/grain-free-birthday-cake-muffins.html.

I used orange blossom honey, omitted the chocolate chips, and added a few drops of concentrated butter rum flavor to up the cake batter taste.


Easy two bowl recipe


Combine dry, combine wet. Mix all at once.

Fair warning– if you use tiny nonpareil sprinkles like I did, all the color will come off when you mix them in and your batter will turn an odd purple/brown color. Fear not! Once you bake them, it comes out looking more light a light brown cake, and adding extra sprinkles on top before baking helps too. My muffins needed 20 minutes in the oven.


Such a sketchy color…

These taste amazingly light. They are the perfect cross between a muffin and a cupcake. Sweet enough to be a treat, but not so sweet that you couldn’t legitimately have one for breakfast– which is what I plan to do in the morning along with my smoothie!


In grad school news, I am counting down days until the end of the semester. I had an absolutely lovely meeting yesterday with a professor in another department who was beyond helpful. Like cheerful, friendly, helped me brainstorm ideas and suggested readings and volunteered to help me in any number of ways. Just when I think I’m floating around to no purpose, I get lucky and meet somebody inspiring.

It’s just too bad it’s a challenge to keep up that optimism. But I’ll try! At least I feel like I have a temporary goal now, something more specific than I’ve had so far to work towards. And I also got my first choice of TA assignments which hopefully means I’ll actually see my adviser on a regular basis next semester…

Anyway, enough of the seriousness. Tomorrow I plan to write in the morning and then take the afternoon to go to lunch and do some reading for fun. Then I’m off to get a drink with some coworkers. That’s like the most social thing I’ve done on my birthday probably ever.

(*kinda wanna bail…*)

Definitely the most social since senior year of college when three vegetarians who are all picky about vegetables tried to agree on the toppings for a veggie pizza… But then at least we all got ice cream afterwards! Maybe I’ll just have to bring some cake…


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