Soft Sugar Cookies… With Lemon Frosting!


I have to admit to having a soft spot for those hideously fake soft and airy frosted sugar cookies at gas stations and grocery stores. Now, I can’t tell you the last time I bought one, and it’s probably been well over a year since I ate one. BUT when I found this recipe for something called a “Swig cookie,” AND they were billed as being far superior to those guilty cookies, I knew I would have to make them.

I based mine on the recipe found here, from Garnish and Glaze: I gather from searching multiple recipes that perhaps Swig consistently uses pink frosting? Or else there are a lot of people who just like pink a lot more than I do. I went with a soft purple, just because.

I think this is the first time on this blog I DIDN’T change anything about the recipe. (Well, unless you count the color of the frosting, but come on…)


I like these cookies. They do definitely fulfill my guilty craving. The cookies are dense and moist and have that lovely just-barely-cooked texture going on in the middle. The frosting (which, I know, sour cream in frosting sounded weird to me too) is light and not overly sweet. (OH, I did add about a quarter tsp of lemon extract to the frosting in addition to the vanilla. Just for a little more flavor.) The added lemon flavor gives these cookies a little more dimension than just sugar-on-sugar-on-sugar. (I hear that’s what Panera puts in their frosting for their shortbread cookies.)


These are some hefty cookies. I guess the 5.5 cups of flour in the recipe should have clued me in. But serious, I made 31 cookies that were around 3 inches across. Next time I’d definitely cut the recipe in half!

These would satisfy any kid who likes to grab a nice big cookie and would go great with a cold glass of milk. (I’m very skeptical of Swig fanatic’s claims that they go well with flavor shot-ed soda, but if I’m ever in Utah maybe I’ll give that a try…)


They are simple. They are not fancy (though they look very nice), but I wouldn’t call them boring. They fill the giant soft sugar cookie niche well. I may prefer my copycat Panera shortbread cookie recipe, but that is not nearly as stable or transportable.


grad school update: Still trucking along. Counting down until I head back to VA on Friday. I was going to leave Saturday but my professor cancelled Friday morning class so we could “work on our papers.” Um. Sure. I’m not sure if she was trying to avoid having people just skip her class or if she wanted to blow it off as well. (Having been a teacher I know the second option is just as likely!) Other than that, I’m mostly buried in grading for my TA, but I have had several productive grad school and personal life conversations with that professor. One of the few personal connections I feel like I have with faculty here. Just too bad she’s not in my area of interest. Anyway, it’s a beautiful sunny afternoon and I’m off to enjoy the last hour or so of it before hunkering down to more reading!


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