Chock Full of Cookies and Cream Cake


Ever since I made my amazing cookies and cream cupcakes, I have been wanting to make them into a cake. This week I had the perfect excuse! My partner is visiting and LOVES cookies and cream. She’s actually the one who got me to like it so much, so this cake is for her.

It’s also nice to have the chance to share some of it with my Friday potluck group. (Though I’m a bit skeptical about this week’s since someone invited a few new people who I wouldn’t necessarily call the quiet group dinner type. But hopefully I can tame them with cake, or use it as a bribe to give them to leave if things get too rowdy? What can I say, I like my quiet evenings!


I made this Thursday evening, but I got so wrapped up in it I couldn’t fall asleep for several hours after getting into bed! It probably didn’t help that I’d had tea late in the afternoon and that my neighbors were playing some bass-driven music downstairs. (It also doesn’t help that my lovely cat has taken to gently pawing at my head in the middle of the night if she decides she needs attention. I wake up and she just stares at me like, “Just making sure you didn’t forget me, Mom.” But seriously, this was SUCH a fun baking project! The most fun and excited I have been in the kitchen in a while!

butter and sugar, creamed for five minutes. How fluffy!

butter and sugar, creamed for five minutes. How fluffy!

So, back to this Delicious with a capital D cake…

Rich Vanilla Batter

Rich Vanilla Batter

It’s chock full of Oreo cookies and has TWO different kinds of cake, an Oreo-studded whipped cream, and a white chocolate covered malted cookie crumble. Cookie overload! (As if that were possible!)

Crushed Oreos

Crushed Oreos

Despite there being two different batters, the timing works out very nicely and it is not annoying at all! You whip up the vanilla batter with nice and fluffy butter and sugar, add it some dry ingredients alternating with milk/eggs/vanilla, and it comes together quickly. Then simply crush up some Oreos, stir them in, and bake!

Vanilla Oreo layers!

Vanilla Oreo layers!

I used two 9 inch round pans though the original recipe called for 6 inch pans. Through the magic of math a 9 inch pan is about double the size of a 6 inch pan, so it just gave me nice thin cake layers. The vanilla layers baked in 17 minutes in my oven.

The original recipe is here, at Butter and Brioche (, but of course I used cake flour and I also used heavy cream instead of milk because it’s what I had in my fridge. And you should know by now I never keep frosting recipes!

Many of the Oreos did sink towards the bottom of the cake, which I liked. BUT, if you wanted them dispersed more evenly, you could probably crush them into smaller pieces.

Chocolate batter-- could use a little more mixing...

Chocolate batter– could use a little more mixing…

While the vanilla layers were baking I mixed up flour, cocoa powder, etc, then added milk, boiling water, melted butter, vanilla, and an egg for the chocolate layer. *You can do the chocolate layer completely by hand– no need to clean your stand mixer bowl in between batters– AWESOME!*

Two flavors of cake in one!

Two flavors of cake in one!

The chocolate cake layer was a lot thinner, as chocolate cakes tend to be. This one baked in just about 15 minutes in my oven. (I will say I would probably add either more cocoa next time or maybe some melted chocolate. It was more a semi-sweet chocolate cake whereas Oreos to me are much darker. If you have some black cocoa powder this would be a phenomenal use for it!)


While the cakes were cooling I made a batch of malted cookie crumble. (Recipe here: pie layer cake. Scroll all the way down to “malted milk crumb,” although I never cover the cooled cookies in more malt powder– I just use malt powder instead of milk powder in the “milk crumb.”)

This is the same topping I used in my Ulti-Malt Malt Cake and it is no-doubt one of my favorite fillings ever. It’s salty and sweet and stays crunchy between layers of frosting. I kept it malt-themed since I figured that would just add to the “cream” factor of this cake. The ONLY downside to this cookie crumble is that it is terribly unphotogenic. (But SO tasty!)

See? Kinda ugly. But don't judge a cookie by its crumble! (?)

See? Kinda ugly. But don’t judge a cookie by its crumble! (?)

I also made a cookies and cream frosting with 2 cups of heavy cream, 1/4 cup powdered sugar, and 1/2 tsp vanilla. When that was nice and whipped, I stirred in about 15 crushed Oreos. I left some pretty big chunks, some as big as a quarter of a cookie. I love this punch of cookies, but this DID make it hard to spread. That was a trade-off I was willing to make, but your mileage may vary. You could always put crushed cookies in the filling layer and then keep some without cookies to spread on the outside of the cake.

To assemble, I spread a vanilla layer with some frosting, topped it with half the cookie crumble, and then added the chocolate layer. I added more frosting and the rest of the cookie crumble, then the final vanilla layer. I covered the whole cake in the rest of the frosting and added a bit of chocolate ganache for decoration. I wish I’d had extra Oreos to do something a little fancier on the top. Maybe next time!

And, oh, there WILL be a next time! My Friday Food group raved over the small pieces they tasted, and my partner also loved the cake. (Though she was also less fond of the chocolate layer…).

But the profile is absolutely stunning:


I suppose if you wanted this to be truly Oreo themed, you could make two chocolate layers and one vanilla layer, and then cover the whole thing in chocolate ganache. Hmmm now I need to put that version on my calendar…!

This cake is perfect with a nice cold glass of milk. Just trust me.


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