Molasses Cookies for Mole Day


*Edit: These did not work out well, but I do have some suggestions on how to fix them. Or, for a recipe that DID work the first time and was exactly what I was looking for, see here*

Yeah. So…

I had all these grand plans to make molasses cookies for Mole Day last week. For the few of you out there in cyber-space who aren’t in love with chemistry (Who ARE you?), Mole Day is October 23rd.

Still not making sense, right?

So you know how when someone says “a dozen” you know they mean 12? Well, to chemists, when someone says “a mole” we know they mean 6.02 x 10^23. That’s a HUGE number, like billions of billions. To give you some perspective, a mole of marbles would cover the earth to a depth of 50 miles. If you had a mole of pennies and divided them among the 7 billion people on Earth, each person would have 860 billion dollars!

So, see? The 10^23 relates to October 23rd. If you’re hard-core you can celebrate at 6:02 am.


Anyway, enough of me a nerd. Get back to baking, right? Well I have a gingerbread molasses cookie recipe I’ve been making for years but for some reason I decided to switch it up this year. I wanted to make more crinkle-type cookies rather than flat cutout cookies to frost. I attempted to combine a recipe for “Grandma’s Molasses Cookies” and King Arthur’s Soft Molasses Cookies that happen to feature rum. See and for those recipes.


I don’t think it’s the fault of either of those recipes, but when I added two tablespoons of rum to the first recipe, even though I added extra flour, my dough was just too sticky. I froze the dough and even froze the cookies before baking, but they spread out into thin cookies. Probably the ugliest cookies I’ve baked in a long time!


To be fair, they still baked up, soft in the middle and crispy on the edges. And the good news is that the flavor was phenomenal. Seriously amazing. Definitely the tastiest molasses cookies I’ve ever made. Next time I’d suggest sticking to just one of the recipes. I don’t know if I’ll try either of them again.

I ended up bringing them to a cohort dinner on Mole Day and everyone ate them right up, told me to stop apologizing for how they looked!

So, long story short, I don’t recommend following in my footsteps, but I do think I can say that you should try either of the two recipes above for yourself. Just stay on book with this one, ok?



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