A Non-Recipe for Chai and Karmic Retribution


Let’s get this right out here at the beginning of the post– there is not really a recipe here.

I mean, I’ll talk about one of my favorite cold-weather beverages, but you’ve probably had it or even made it yourself before now.


With October officially here it’s time for me to get my sweaters out of storage in the basement and make use of my growing scarf collection again. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited. The crisp fall air, excuses to wear my cute layers and boots, the promise of a warm drink in some autumn sunshine…

But that is NOT what happened Wednesday. No ma’am (or sir, or your preferred pronoun), the end of September was a completely different beast. Tuesday afternoon it started to rain. By the end of my night class it was positively pouring. So much so that I accepted a ride from a classmate and abandoned my bike on campus overnight. Wednesday was not much better and I had to leave the poor thing locked up another night.

BUT I thought I’d take the opportunity to use a coupon I had for a free drink at Starbucks. The store is on my walk home and it seemed like the perfect weather for a nice hot chai. (At least it was the perfect weather for something. That’s about the only positive of torrential rain in my opinion…)

So. Um. What I discovered is that my umbrella is a piece of crap.

No seriously.

Within sixty seconds of stepping outside it blew inside out. Just flipped right on up like the skirts of a cha-cha dancer.

This was karma come to get me nine years late.

You see, back as an undergrad my best friend’s pink umbrella had flipped on our way to class one morning and I laughed endlessly as she got soaked. It still comes up most times that we see each other. So I guess the universe owed me. (That and it probably didn’t help that I technically stole (I prefer re-appropriated) the umbrella from my brother..))

But the universe was not done.

I manged to flip it back the right way, but it happened at least five more times on the way home. It was so windy I was using the umbrella more as a wind guard than anything else. I saw several discarded umbrellas, and here is an actual picture of one man I saw walking down the street:

rain man

What Zen. Just going with it.

When I finally made it to the coffee shop, my poor umbrella barely even wanted to close. I had to force it to snap back into place, and then wander into line.

As I was standing there trying to pull up the coupon on my phone, a drop of blood appeared on the back of my hand.

I looked up.

(Yes. I know.)

(No, I don’t know why I thought that blood would be falling from the ceiling of a Starbucks. I haven’t even watched a horror movie in months, ok?)

Then I saw blood smeared across my phone.

I finally realized that I had sliced open my thumb on my karmic retribution seeking umbrella.

So there I was in line for a chai latte, dripping wet, unruly umbrella in hand, trying to get into my backpack to find a bandaid and then put said bandaid on a profusely bleeding thumb all while hoping I don’t get kicked out for being a biohazard in a public establishment!

Once I finally got my drink I made it home with only three more flips of my umbrella. But. The chai was just what I needed.

(And so here, patient folks, is my recommendation for a recipe.) I’ve been drinking my Teavana teas the last few weeks. I love to mix them with a little milk, latte style. I honestly prefer them cold, because even on cold days I’ll work up a sweat walking to campus, but they are lovely warm as well. I prefer about a mix of about two parts tea to one part milk, but your mileage may vary. I’ve been loving their Maharaja Chai Oolong & Samurai Chai Maté blend I got as a sample, but the Earl Grey Creme makes for a nice change too. My favorite thing to do is make tea ice cubes for when I drink them cold. That way they can be the perfect temperature and not get diluted!

pi tea

Yes, I am a nerd with pi ice cube molds.

So, if that even counts as a recipe, then you’re welcome, I guess. But mostly don’t laugh at people with broken umbrellas. Or do, if you’re a risk-taker. Let me know how that works out for you in nine years.


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