Chocolate Chip Almond Scones

I know, I know, how can you have a recipe post without a picture? I totally failed on this one. Next time, I promise!

Ok, I’ll admit this up front– I have yet to find a scone recipe I’m really satisfied with. My first attempt was back in Montana. Sick of eating oatmeal every day on the trail, I was desperate to mix it up ANY way I could. I must have tried every oatmeal concoction from the store– from store brand sugary mixes to a seven grain blend I cooked from scratch. When that just wasn’t cutting it anymore, I thought maybe I’d use some of my oats and make oatmeal scones. They were tasty (and cinnamon-y), but they didn’t have quite the right texture. A couple of months ago I made mini vanilla bean scones which were delightful, but more like little cakes than scones.

This was my third attempt at scones. The texture was slightly more crumbly than cake-y, but still too far down the muffin road to be a proper scone. That said, they were tasty. It was just too bad they looked enough like scones to where I couldn’t deny that’s what I had tried to make. In the future I would use the recipe again, but probably just bake them in muffin or donut tins.

I used the recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking ( The only change I made was to use vanilla Greek yogurt instead of plain. While this adds a little more sugar, I wasn’t worried about it. The yogurt keeps it nice and soft– I recommend it!

I ended up using Ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate chips instead of mini ones. I loved how the big chocolate chunks got melty and packed a serious chocolate punch. The other change I made was to brush some homemade almond cream on top of each scone before baking. This may have contributed to the muffin-like moistness of my scones, but it did add a subtle almond flavor, and helped them brown nicely on top.


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