Perfect Vanilla Cake with Strawberries

Towards the end of the summer I was craving something sweet, simple, and classic. I have baked white cakes before, but I am always looking for better recipes. I knew I wanted to pair it with strawberries (I have such a love for strawberries), to make it more delicious and a little more exciting.

I used Sweetapolita’s recipe for Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting. ( As far as the cake and frosting went, I didn’t change anything. I was a little worried about the frosting being too sweet for me, (and it was sweeter than my usual whipped cream choice!), but I was pleasantly surprised. It had an amazing vanilla flavor and a smoother texture than whipped cream but it wasn’t much heavier. I would absolutely pair it with this cake again!

I spread strawberry jam in between each of the four layers, and added sliced strawberries as well. On top of the first and third layer I added some almond shortbread crumble (see my Earl Grey Cake post for information on that). I also added a layer of simple vanilla whipped cream (about 1 cup heavy cream whipped with a little powdered sugar and the rest of the vanilla bean seeds) to the middle layer. I did the crumb coat in whipped cream, and then a light coat of the vanilla frosting.

This cake was one of my favorite creations of the summer, and it was over-the-top delicious when paired with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and more strawberries!

If you’re looking for something beautiful and simple, yet sure to impress, give this cake a try!


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Baker. Grad student. Hiker. Crossword puzzler. Trivia junkie.
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